Viton™ FreeFlow™ added at a ratio of less than one part per thousand in a typical resin formulation, eliminates melt fracture in blown films, and reduces die build-up in extrusions. By quickly coating the internal die surfaces, Viton™ FreeFlow™ improves processing, increases output and reduces waste materials, making your production more cost-effective.

From extrusion pelletizing of resins and masterbatches to the extrusion of finished products, Viton™ FreeFlow™ delivers superior results. This highly effective additive works with low- and high-density polyethylenes and metallocenes, as well as other polymers, including PS, SEBS, and ABS.

Measurable Value:

  • Lower operating cost
  • Increase output
  • Improve gauge control, cooling
  • Increase melt strength
  • Improve bubble stability
  • Reduce need for blending