High-definition colour cameras efficiently sort material by colour criteria: high-performance colour sensors identify targeted objects and their specific position on the belt triggering precise ejection pulses from compressed-air nozzles. Grain size and scope of colour changes in the material determine the level of definition to be chosen for the HD camera. This permits the precise focusing of the system on the point of interest and a good differentiation of the material type on the one hand, and energy-saving operation of the system on the other.

An exact color determination is one basic requirement for a successful sorting process. This is why the feeding and discharge equipment of the STEINERT sorting systems are mostly delivered together with well-matched feeding devices, highly efficient blow-off nozzles, and discharge hoods optimized under fluid mechanics aspects.

A unique active nozzle control system takes care of the precise opening and closing of the nozzles –which saves approximately 30 % of the compressed air demand and results in an even better separation of the products.


A third product flow can be achieved by installing one more nozzle bar. A reflected light kit comprising the main components sensor, controller and nozzle bar is available for refitting work, technological updates and plant construction work. This kit can be matched with the individual requirements such as the working width.

For more complex tasks, the system can be complemented by a near-infrared (NIR) identification unit and/or an (inductionbased) metal detector.