Stat-Rite® Inherently static dissipative sheet and compounds set the new standard for test and design engineers requiring permanent electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties without compromising cleanliness. Unlike old technologies, such as conductive fillers and chemical anti-stats, Stat-Rite is a proprietary blend of inherently dissipative polymers with a variety of base polymers. This produces polymer alloys with an inherent static dissipative polymer inter penetrating network that remains intact through thermoforming, injection molding or extruding while maintaining the physical properties of the base polymer. Stat-Rite products are ultra clean with low ionic and organic outgassing constituents meeting the most stringent cleanliness requirements. With its clean and non-black appearance, the alloys can also be colored with low loading of pigmentation offering you the appearance, flexibility and options without affecting other properties.

As one of the world leaders in ESD protection, more than anything, we provide the peace of mind - not only with products that consistently meet the highest quality standards, but also with one of the industry's largest networks of technical support specialists. When reliability, value and safety matter most, there is no better solution than one offered from Lubrizol.