Eastman listened to the performance benefits the industry wanted in a profile - toughness, clarity, ease of processing and fabrication - and developed a new copolyester resin that has these benefits. All this plus good economics and environmental responsibility.

Eastman™ Provista® copolymer offers:

  • Sparkling clarity and gloss: it won't stress whiten.
  • Toughness with flexibility: for a long functional life.
  • Ease of processing: its extremely high melt strength allows higher line speeds and throughput and it can be run on standard processing equipment with minimal modification.
  • Ease of fabrication: cutting, bending, drilling, and bonding.
  • Excellent chemical resistance: for long-lasting good looks and performance.
  • Good economics: providing cost advantages all the way to the end user.
  • Environmental advantages: has no plasticizers or halogen-containing compounds, and when burned produces no toxic substances.
  • FDA compliance for food: contact applications.
  • UV resistance: with the use of UV grades that are available.