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Full line of products to the Specialized Plastics Industry...

MSA Specialized Plastic Products

With more than 20 years of experience in the Specialized Plastics Industry, MSA is dedicated to provide excellent technical and customer service to our clients and the most competitive pricing available. Contact us today to learn how MSA can help you.

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DuPont™ Performance
Eastman™ Specialty
ExxonMobil™ Specialty
Kuraray™ Laminating
Glass Solutions
Crastin® Polyester Resins Durastar™ Copolyester Resins Santoprene™ Brand TPVs Butacite® PVB Glass Laminating Film
Delrin® Acetal Resins (POM) Eastar™ Copolyester Resins Vistalon™ EPDM Rubber SentryGlas Expressions® Decorative Laminating Film
Hytrel® TPE Resins Provista™ Copoliester Resins Vistamaxx™ Specialty Elastomers SentryGlas Plus® Composite
Minlon® Nylon Resins Tritan™ Copolyester Resins - Spallshield® Laminating
Neoprene® Chloroprene Rubber - - -
Rynite® Polyester Resins - - -
Vamac® Acrylic Ethylene Rubber - - -
Viton® Fluoroelastomer - - -
Zytel® Nylon Resins - - -
Zytel® HTN - - -

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