Eastman's Eastar® Copolyester Resins are ideally suited for a number of demanding applications.

Consumer product manufacturers worldwide use Eastar Copolyester from Eastman for its unrivaled ability to put the sparkle in packaging for an impressive range of products.

Manufacturers and users of fabricated boxes, extruded profiles, and general purpose blister and shrink film packaging all have one exciting thing in common. They share the ability to outshine the competition by using Eastar Copolyester to develop appealing packaging that sells.

Consumer Markets

Eastar copolyesters provide value and utility to many consumer items including pen caps, pen barrels, children's toys, sporting goods, house wares, and much more. They offer molders plastic resins that deliver water-clear clarity, excellent impact resistance, and toughness. Specified for applications at day care facilities, in retail store displays, and in commercial Laundromats, Eastar copolyesters are tough and durable and perform exceptionally well in many different environments.

Appliance Markets

Eastar copolyesters are gaining wider acceptance in many appliance product categories as the trend to mold water-clear components continues. In floor care categories such as vacuum cleaners and rug shampooers, the design trend is to allow the consumer to see the "cleaning action." Our copolyesters are well positioned to meet fitness-for-use criteria in appliance markets because they:

  • Are water-clear and will maintain excellent aesthetics over time.
  • Are chemically resistant to common household cleaning agents.
  • Enjoy outstanding impact resistance.

Cosmetic Markets

Eastar copolyesters enjoy wide acceptance with designers in the cosmetics industry because their aesthetic qualities help bring to life the unique and eye-catching packaging concepts created during the design phase of new product development. These aesthetic qualities include:

  • Brilliant sparkle and glass-like clarity.
  • Density that approaches the feel of glass.
  • Decorative capabilities that include frosting, metallization, printing, and coloration.
  • Environmental responsibility.

Processors active in the cosmetics industry value Eastar copolyesters for their:

  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Significant impact resistance.
  • Ability to mold thick parts without haze.